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Coloquio del 04/05: Historical Evolution of Telecommunication

El coloquio del Instituto Balseiro del viernes 04/05 se titula: “Historical Evolution of Telecommunication: Scientific Challenges and Discoveries”. El expositor será: René Essiambre, Bell Labs, Nokia. Se brindará en inglés.

Como todos los viernes, tendrá lugar a las 14.30 hrs. en el Salón de Actos del Instituto Balseiro, en el Centro Atómico Bariloche (Av. Bustillo 9500). La entrada es gratuita y abierta a todo el público. Para ingresar, es necesario presentar el DNI en la entrada del CAB.


The need and desire of Men to communicate rapidly and over large distances have been ubiquitous in human history. The development of sources, detection techniques and novel transmission media have allowed an increase of about twelve orders of magnitude in the rate of transmission of information over the last century. The quest for high-capacity long-distance transmission has led to many technical and scientific breakthroughs including the birth of radio-astronomy and the discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation that confirmed the Big Bang. In this talk, I will survey the evolution of long-distance communication, from single-wire electrical cables to state-of-the-art optical fiber communication systems that constitute the physical infrastructure of the internet.

Mini autobiografía:

René-Jean Essiambre received his Ph.D. in Physics from Laval University, Québec City, Canada and pursued post-doctoral studies at the Institute of Optics of the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. In 1997 he joined Lucent Technologies (then Alcatel-Lucent and now Nokia). Dr. Essiambre worked on fiber lasers, optical fiber nonlinearity, advanced modulation formats, coherent detection, space-division multiplexing and information theory applied to optical fibers. He has an extensive knowledge of fiber-optic communication systems and contributed to the design of many installed commercial systems. He is a recipient of the 2005 Engineering Excellence Award from the Optical Society of America (OSA). He is a fellow of the IEEE and the OSA, and a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs, Nokia. He is currently member of the Board of Governors and Vicepresident of the Membership Council at the IEEE Photonic Society.

Información adicional

  • Fecha: Viernes, 04 Mayo 2018
  • Hora: 14:30
  • Lugar: Salón de Actos del Instituto Balseiro / Centro Atómico Bariloche (Av. Bustillo 9500)
  • Entrada: Gratuita. Se debe presentar DNI en la entrada del CAB